Heeeeere we go!

Well it is officially spring in Maine (at least I think). Most lakes and ponds are iced out now or very close to it. Most of the snow has run out of the hills and the rivers are getting closer to coming back to fishable levels. This also means the start of the smelt runs and all the the fish will be right on their heels (or tails). Trolling smelt patterns, tandem streamers being my favorite, such as Grey Ghost, Nine Three, Magog Smelt, and Red Ghost, close to the shoreline is a great way to entice some fish. In the rivers I like to throw nymphs right on the bottom, small guys like pheasant tails, frenchies, Higa's SOS, and caddis larva. I might even throw on a pat's rubberleg stonefly nymph as an anchor. Keep it low and slow on the edge of riffles, eddy's, and pools. The East Outlet is a great place to start and holds large trout and salmon. Stay in my camp in Greenville and be only a mile from Moosehead Lake and about 20 minutes from the East Outlet.

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